Custom Screen Doors—Development Tips For Residential Properties

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Screen doors are a staple component for many residential properties because of the different roles they can serve, such as keeping pests out and allowing natural light inside. If you plan to buy a custom one, here are some tips worth remembering. 

Decide Between a Retractable and Hinged Design

As far as how screen doors can be designed, you can either go with a custom door that's hinged or a solution with retractable movement. The latter option might be best if you don't have a lot of space to work with. You also might prefer the sliding motion compared to pushing a screen door open each time you go outside. 

Whereas if you're looking for something a little more traditional, a hinged screen door may be exactly what you need to remain satisfied with your screen door investment. Go ahead and try each design out in person too, so you can make sure you find an option you'll enjoy all the time. 

Consider a Pet Door if You Have Pets

If you have pets that like to go outside throughout the day, then you might want to add a pet door to the screen door that you're having a manufacturer customize. They can use the door any time they want as long as the property's original door is open.

No longer will you have to let your pets outside to get fresh air or use the bathroom. They'll take care of these matters themselves. As long as the pet door is sized correctly based on how big your pets are, then the pet door will work out great. 

Make Sure the Screen Portion Is Durable

So that you don't have to constantly replace screen materials on a custom screen door, make sure you verify their durability. Ideally, try to find screen mesh materials that are impact-resistant and cut-proof.

Regardless of what your custom screen door is subject to, the aforementioned properties can ensure the screen mesh doesn't easily break down as time goes on. Not only can this save you money, but it can also protect you from an inconvenient screen replacement. 

You can drastically improve your home's aesthetics and function by adding a custom screen door to the back or front. Think long and hard about how you want to develop your door so that after customization, you can set it up successfully and get many years of optimal use from it.  

Contact a local custom screen door service to learn more.