Basic Types Of Carpet Cleaning Methods

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The ambiance of your home is affected by your flooring choices. Carpets can boost the aesthetics of your living space through their beauty, elegance, and style. However, carpets can be a great source of discomfort when dirty.   

This is why homeowners are occasionally faced with choosing the appropriate carpet cleaning methods for their carpets. Here are some standard carpet cleaning methods to help you choose the one that suits you.

Compound Carpet Cleaning

With this carpet cleaning method, the cleaner uses a mechanized brush to apply the absorbent compound on the carpet. The absorbent is allowed to settle so it can lift away dirt from the carpet. 

Afterward, the cleaner will use a high-suction vacuum to clean the carpet. The main advantage of this method is that you don't have to wait for the carpet to dry. After the cleaning procedure is complete, you can begin walking on it.

Hot Water Extraction

With the hot water extraction method, the cleaner uses hot water and high pressure to eliminate dirt and debris. The cleaner runs highly pressurized hot water through the fibers of the carpet. This helps remove accumulated dirt particles.

Before running water through the carpet, the cleaner will apply a cleaning agent on the carpet's surface. The cleaning detergent is allowed to soak in the carpet fibers before the cleaner passes hot water through the carpet. Finally, the cleaner uses a vacuum cleaner to clear off the dirt.

One advantage of this method is that the cleaning solution lasts longer compared to other cleaning methods. It is mainly used for ingrained dirt, allergens, and deep stains. Steam cleaning doesn't leave any residue or odor on the carpet.

Carpet Shampooing

This technique uses a lot of water together with specialized detergents. Carpet shampooing is similar to shampooing your hair. The cleaner uses rotating brushes to scrub shampoo into the carpet. The shampoo helps loosen debris and dirt. 

Finally, the cleaner will pour clean water to drain the shampoo until the carpet is clean. The main benefit of this method is the removal of stubborn stains.

In Closing

When choosing a carpet cleaning method, you need to consider the type of carpet you have. Additionally, determine whether the carpet is stained or has allergens or ingrained dirt. It's also essential to set a budget. Some cleaning methods are costlier than others. Research and consult widely to determine the most affordable and effective carpet cleaning method for your carpets.

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