Preventing Foundation Drainage Problems From Damaging Your Home

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There are many potential threats to a home's foundation, but poor drainage is a concern that can be especially problematic. When the ground beneath and around a home does not have good drainage, it can prove to have major impacts on the rest of the structure. 

Poor Drainage Can Cause Several Different Foundation Problems

Drainage issues will have the potential to cause a number of different and serious problems for the home. An example of this could be the ability of poor drainage to cause the foundation to crumble, crack or otherwise physically deteriorate. However, drainage problems can also contribute to soil issues under the home. This may lead to the foundation settling unevenly or having the supporting soil under it wash away. Over time, these problems can lead to the home suffering major structural issues that could make it very unsafe for your family to occupy.

Improving Drainage May Only Be The First Step In The Repair Process

Improving foundation drainage is an integral part of protecting your property against serious repairs and structural issues in the future. However, it will also be necessary to address the damages that may have already occurred. Otherwise, the damage can worsen and still represent a serious structural threat. As part of the drainage improvement process, the foundation of the house should also be thoroughly evaluated. This type of evaluation can allow the contractors to determine the condition of the foundation and whether or not it will require repairs.

Drainage Issues Can Develop And Change Over The Years

It is a common issue for homeowners to fail to realize that their foundation drainage needs can change over time. For example, major changes to the landscaping of the property can impact the flow of water during heavy rains. In some cases, this may lead to the foundation being more prone to having large puddles of standing water gather around it. Due to the ability of these drainage requirements to change, a homeowner should be vigilant in looking for signs of drainage problems developing with the foundation. Standing water around the base of the home is an obvious example of this type of problem, but a homeowner may also notice signs of the soil eroding from the base of the home more rapidly than normal. This can be a more subtle problem to notice, but it can indicate that the soil under the foundation may be vulnerable to washing away and leaving the home without support.