Critical Steps Associated With A Sewage Restoration Process

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A thorough cleaning process will eliminate strong odors and the presence of bacteria and parasites that are associated with a sewage spill. Backed-up plumbing or damaged pipes can lead to needing to hire a restoration team who will be responsible for cleaning a home or a business.

The Timetable

There is a short timeframe in which a sewage spill should be cleaned up. Leaving raw sewage on a floor or on outdoor property could lead to sicknesses. The unsanitary nature of sewage will necessitate the use of specialized cleaning tools and protective gear. Raw sewage is wet and can be heavy. It can damage flooring within a home or business. A cleaning specialist will use shovels, buckets, and vacuum pumps to eliminate sewage.

The Cleaning And Repair Process

A sewage spill that was caused by damaged or clogged plumbing lines may require the services of a cleaning crew and a plumber. A business that provides comprehensive sewage services may feature a team of workers who will be able to handle each step of the sewage restoration process. 

Surfaces will need to be completely dry prior to administering an odor eliminator. A restoration team may use lime to treat foul scents. Lime is a product that contains a high pH level. The pH level will absorb odors that linger. A powdered lime product or one that has been mixed with water will be used to treat surfaces that have been affected by a sewage spill. After lime has been used to eliminate odors, the lime will be eliminated from interior floor coverings. 

Cleansers that contain bleach and other commercial-grade ingredients will be used to treat stains and eliminate any bacteria or pathogens that are on affected materials. The cleaning process will not be complete until all traces of the sewage have been eliminated from the area where the spill took place. A DNA testing process is used to determine if sewage has been effectively removed from the premises.

The DNA testing service will reassure a client that their home or business is safe for them to occupy. Any plumbing materials that have triggered a sewage spill will be pumped out or replaced. A restoration company's services will include the containment and transport of raw sewage. Sewage that is collected by a restoration team will be treated at a wastewater facility.

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