FAQs About The Services Of Water Damage Restoration Companies

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Was there a greater rainfall than usual and it led to your home flooding with water all throughout the house? You must act fast to protect your home, as water can cause damage that makes a home unsafe to live in. For example, as the water sits longer and longer, the structural integrity of your home can be affected. The reason is due to water having the ability to break down the drywall and wood that was used to construct the frame of your home. A flooded home is the type of problem that should be resolved by professionals who have experience in the water damage restoration industry.

How Could Flood Water Damage the Frame of a House?

When there is a lot of flood water on the interior and exterior of a house, the water can seep into the wall cavities. For example, water gets into the wall cavities from the exterior of a house by seeping through cracks in the foundation of walls. On the interior of a home, the water can seep through electrical outlets and any holes that are in the drywall. If the water isn't found and removed soon enough, the wooden frame of the house can become soggy and unstable. Mold can also eat into the wood if it begins to grow inside the wall cavities.

Why Should a Water Damage Restoration Company Be Hired?

If a water damage restoration company is hired soon enough, water can be removed from your home before it causes irreparable damage. Professionals can use equipment to detect water inside the wall cavities and remove the water in a timely fashion. Standing water in all other areas of your home will be removed as well before the next step is taken to dry your home out. Upon completely drying out your home, carpet, rugs, and furniture will be cleaned and restored to a useable condition. Water damaged floors and other aspects of your home will be cleaned and restored as well, including the exterior.

Does Home Insurance Cover Restoration Costs?

Home insurance policies does not typically cover flood damage, but it depends on the specific policy. For example, if a homeowner opted to add flood damage to their insurance policy, water damage restoration expenses will be covered. To prevent further damage to your home, you should hire a water damage restoration company before an adjuster from the insurance company assesses the damage. However, you should still contact your insurance provider so an appointment can be made for an adjuster to visit and determine what you should be compensated for repairs.

For more information on water damage cleanup solutions, contact a restoration company.