Want To Purchase A New Vacuum Cleaner? 2 Types Of Upright Vacuum Cleaners

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If you need to purchase a new vacuum cleaner, there are many types to choose from.  Below is information about two types of upright vacuum cleaners you can choose from so you will make the right decision when purchasing one. 

Traditional Upright Vacuum Cleaner 

The upright vacuum cleaner may be what you currently own as this was the most popular type to purchase in the past. This is a good vacuum cleaner if you do not require a lot of vacuuming. It does come with many attachments, but in many cases, the hoses are shorter and will not reach as many places. These vacuum cleaners do not have as much suction power as other types.  This won't be a problem if you live alone or do not have to worry about a lot of dirt getting on the carpet. These vacuum cleaners are mostly surface cleaners and do not remove dirt that is deep within the carpeting. 

Upright vacuum cleaners are generally less expensive than other types and you can find them in home improvement stores or vacuum sales companies. They come with a vacuum bag that you have to remove when it becomes full and install a new one.

Clean Air Upright Vacuum Cleaners

The clean air upright vacuum cleaner is a good choice if you have someone in your home that has allergies or other respiratory issues. With this type, air flows through the nozzle while you are vacuuming and then travels through a cloth or paper filter bag. Much of the dust and dirt stays inside the vacuum bag and the air travels through a high-speed fan. The resulting air flows to the motor, which helps the motor cool down after vacuuming. Once the air leaves the motor it goes through another filter to remove fine dust particles before they flow out of the vacuum cleaner. 

This type of vacuum cleaner also has a vacuum bag that you have to replace when it becomes full. It also comes with attachments to make cleaning easier. With many clean air upright vacuum cleaners, the attachments are attached making them easy to access while you are cleaning. Clean air upright vacuum cleaners are more powerful than traditional vacuum cleaners so there is more suction power.  

There are many more types of vacuum cleaners you can purchase. Search for vacuum cleaner sales to get a great deal on a high-quality vacuum.