Did Your Hydraulic Tool Break Down? Here's How To Troubleshoot It And What To Do

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When your hydraulic tools are broken, and you don't know what to do, don't think that this is the end. You can still use them. All you need is basic knowledge of your hydraulic tool's function, as well as a few suggested troubleshooting tips. Here are the things that could go wrong with your hydraulic tools: 

Understanding the Hydraulic System

The first thing that you need to do when your hydraulic tool breaks down is to be able to understand the hydraulic system. Most hydraulic systems are made up of three main components: a reservoir, pump, and motor. The reservoir holds oil or fluid, which is pumped by the motor through hoses to all of the tools that need it. The fluid then travels through valves and back into the reservoir, where it can be reused again and again.

Finding the Problem's Source

Hydraulic tools are used in a variety of situations—whether for home or industrial use. They can be found in industries, such as agriculture and construction, but they can also be useful in the home.

If you have a hydraulic tool that is not working properly, it could be due to any number of reasons. Here are some tips for troubleshooting your hydraulic tool and finding the source of the problem:

  1. Check for Leaks
  2. Check for Obstructions
  3. Identify the Fluid Type

Finding the source of the problems and checking these things will help you know what type of hydraulic tool repairs you need. 

Prevention of Further Damage

Preventing further damage to your equipment is also important. You want to make sure to turn the tool off and relieve pressure on the hydraulic system. Now, you will be ready to start with any preliminary repairs that need to be done before you take your tools to a repair service.

Preliminary Repairs

Before you begin diagnosing the problem, make sure all of your basic maintenance checks are up-to-date. This includes checking fluid levels and making sure that all of your hoses are in good shape and free from leaks. If you've been using your hydraulic tool for a while, it might also be time for a new filter or even a replacement pump altogether.

Fixing hydraulic tools, such as Greenlee tools, is not rocket science. However, it does require some troubleshooting knowledge and a basic understanding of your tool's function.

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