The Tell-Tale Signs Of Water Damage

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Water damage can come from a number of different sources. From a leaky pipe that manages to saturate your home over time to a flash flooding by a nearby rising river due to heavy rains. Whatever the case may be, once the main issue of water being present in your home has been dispersed, it is important that you begin to look for signs of water damage. Water damage restoration is key to make sure these effects do not become long-lasting and potentially threaten the stability of your home. Here are three tell-tale signs of water damage that you should look for after any kind of flooding.

Unsettling Smell

For a couple of hours at least water can smell quite clean and refreshing but once it begins to become tepid and sits around it will quickly change. Even once it has been drained out, if you can still smell a clear pungent aroma where the water was, then you should consider getting a water damage repair contractor to have a deeper look. This could be the start of mold or mildew taking hold, and without proper treatment, your home could soon be a bacterial haven for all sorts of different nasty growths.

Paint Or Wallpaper Coming Off

Some kind of damage or fading to your paint or wallpaper is natural when contacted by water, but if there are large amounts of cracks and bubbles in the facade of your walls then you need to get them checked. There could be a large amount of water still soaked into the walls which could be causing the dressing on your walls to come off in much larger portions than you might expect. Many construction materials are quite porous and will soak up water, so the damage can go much higher than where the water level stopped during the flooding.


You might assume that the many different types of spots you find on your walls and flooring after flooding is simply dirt and not that problematic. Many people paint over these spots without thinking twice. What you may not realize is that these spots can be the start of bacterial growth. They may not always smell like mold or mildew, but if you notice these spores starting to take hold do not ignore them or underestimate their power. If you paint over them they will continue to grow, so it is important you get them treated now. 

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