Door Installation Services: 5 Door Types To Consider For Your Home Improvement Project

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When choosing parts of your house, such as doors, you notice that the market has countless options. Each of the door types makes a different impact on the overall appearance and beauty of the home. When picking a door style, you need to choose the perfect balance between aesthetic appeal and functionality. You should explore these door types and select the ideal ones for your interior spaces.

French Design

These doors are a common choice when you need to make a statement about elegance in your house. They are stylish, elegant, and significantly add to the home's overall beauty. The most significant portion of the style comprises a glass pane, with the frame coming from metal or wood. The design and installation determine whether the doors open inwards or outwards. The design is an excellent choice to flood your house with natural lighting. They are also great because your home receives excellent ventilation once you open them.

The Bifold Type

They are an ideal option for small spaces that require you to enclose them, such as closets and other rooms in the home. People install them in the inner areas. They fold towards you and open up the space they enclose. They are an excellent choice for small spaces that need access control. 

The Sliding Design

Sliding designs have gained massive popularity in high-end real estate. Most people install them as the external entrance to a patio or other outer part of their home. They create a continuous transition between the home's interior and the outside. They are also an excellent option when you want to maximize the available interior space in the house. You can also install them in interior spots like closets, pantries, and even shower enclosures.

The Pivot Design

The design of the frame can support heavy loads, meaning it can come from a wide variety of materials. A pivot door is unique because it resembles the wall design once it is open. Pivot designs are also excellent as front and back openings. They rotate both up and down.

Pocket Type

Pocket doors have similarities with sliding types. They are ideal for washrooms and bathrooms. However, instead of sliding, they slide into a vault in the wall.

You should consult with your door installation contractor and ask them to help you decide on the best types for your construction needs. They can help you select the combinations that work perfectly for your needs.

For more information on which door installation is right for you, contact a professional near you.