5 Signs You Need Commercial Water Heater Repair

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Are your customers complaining their showers are behaving funny, with hot water one minute and cold the next minute? A faulty commercial water heater can dent your brand's image because of the role of water in hygiene issues. But like any other appliance, a water heater will become faulty at one time or another, especially in a busy establishment. However, a heater doesn't just fail suddenly. So, what signs will tell you it is time to call commercial water heater repair services?

Visible Signs of Leaks 

Are there puddles of water under the tank?  It is a sign of a leak from the tank or one of the appendages.  A leaking water heater tank points to cracks in the walls, which can be hazardous as the tank can explode when under high pressure. Call the repair service to inspect and fix leaks ASAP.

The Water Is Discolored

Is the water coming from the taps a funny color?  If it is rusty or dark, you might have a problem. The discoloration is a result of  rust in the tank or silt build-up on the tank's inner walls.  Your clients will be dismayed by what they think is dirty water coming from the taps.  Call a heater repair service to explore options to fix this problem.

Weak Water Pressure at the Taps 

Is the water pressure weak? If so, you'll need commercial water heater repair services to check the plumbing and the connection between the pipes and the heater.  This can be caused by issues with one of the pipe fittings, which is faulty.  The hose may also be disconnected from the water heater tank and needs to be reconnected.

Inadequate Hot Water

Do you find yourself waiting for ages for hot water to come out of the tap? Or does it take forever for the cold water to heat up? If so, it could indicate that your heater is not working as well as it should. Most likely, the heating elements are faulty.

This problem can bring your operations to a halt, for example, dishwashing. It will also leave your customer very unimpressed by your services. Call water heater repair services to diagnose and fix the problem. 

The Tank Has Funny Noises

Can you hear strange noises coming from within your tank? This indicates that there is a problem of corrosion that has caused degradation of the inner.  The noises can vary between gas hissing, grinding, and rumbling sounds.  You need a commercial water heater repair service to take a closer look at the unit and identify the issue causing these noises.

Is your water heater causing your establishment a bad image? Call companies like A.O.Smith Commercial Water Heater Repair to diagnose and fix the water heater.