The Importance Of Having A Reliable RV Water Heater If You're On The Road

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It can be hard to imagine that having a good water heater on your RV could keep you from enjoying road trips in the great outdoors. However, when your RV water heater isn't working as it should, it is the last thing you want to deal with. Most of the time, an RV water heater repair can be fixed in order for you to continue enjoying the good life. Here are some of the things you should know about your RV water heater and when it needs repairs:

Different Types of RV Water Heaters

There are a couple of RV water heaters that you can have installed in your vehicle. The first type is the on-demand water heater designed for smaller plumbing installations. These systems often have a small storage tank to heat and store the water. This type of water heater is very popular because it only heats water when you need it, which helps save fuel costs.

The other type of RV heater is the continuous flow water heater. This type of heater is permanently connected to your RV's fresh water supply and constantly heats the water as it flows through the unit. The heated water then flows into your shower and sink faucets.

Both types of RV water heaters have their advantages and disadvantages, but a licensed technician should install both — this ensures that they are installed correctly and safely.

Troubleshooting RV Water Heaters

You should have an understanding of how to troubleshoot a water heater before you leave on your trip. Each different type has its own unique way of being fixed, so this knowledge will help you quickly get back on the road if yours doesn't work.

Troubleshooting your RV's water heater is relatively simple, though it can be difficult if you're not familiar with plumbing. Start troubleshooting by checking the power source. If it's not working, you'll need to check the fuses in your fuse box. This should be located near your battery in the engine compartment of your RV. You may also have fuses in the electrical switch box near where the cord from your RV is plugged into an outlet. If your fuse box has a reset button, use that if your power source isn't working. Otherwise, use a screwdriver or pliers to remove bad fuses and replace them with new ones.

If there are no problems with the power source, you'll need to check the thermostat on your water heater. Turn off power to the appliance and remove any hoses going into or out of it using wrench pliers or a set of adjustable pliers. Then disconnect any wires attached to it. If you don't feel confident doing your own repairs, a repair technician can help.

RV water heater repair can be a quick fix with the right help. To learn more about having an RV water heater, reach out to a company such as AA Mobile RV Repair.