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About Us

21 years in the Automotive Industry

Josh Buckingham, owner and auto detailing artist of restoration detail, has Two Decades of automobile detailing and mobile car detailing service experience in Nashville, Tennessee. Removing deep scratches to small swirl marks using robust wet-sanding techniques to ultra fine polishes from industry standard manufacturers are services that go beyond the normal mobile car detailing services. 

Josh Buckingham moved to Nashville,TN in 1995 to study Piano Performance at a local University. Shortly after getting a full time job as a lot technician, his curiosity with perfecting a superior detail landed him at BMW as the Pre-Owned Car Detailer where he learned to perfect his paint finishing skills.

Your Personal Detailer

You will not get a  "Team" who spend 1 hour with your Automobile only to rush to the next office building.

One detailer and one car at a time.

Typically 3-5 hours are invested into your car. 

We can tailor just about anything to your Needs. Please Don't Hesitate to call for your very own "Detail Package"

We respect the privacy of the many well known "High-Profile" individuals that call Nashville home. 

Please reach out to us for a professional and discrete Premium Mobile Detail. 

Restorative Detailing


"Top to Bottom" using "hypo-allergenic" cleaners. Leather, Wood Trim and Chrome accents are cleaned with a Alcohol/Distilled Water solution leaving a sterilized streak-free finish. 

Let It Shine

The Schedule II Detail includes A

2 Step Scratch and swirl removal followed by an application of Paint Sealant (Customer Preferred Wax can be substituted for additional cost)

Let There Be Light

Ugly, cloudy headlights can be crystal clear after a Headlight Restoration.

According to AAA, after a proper headlight restoration, the light "increased by 30 percent and glare-producing light scatter was reduced by 60 percent."*


All Details can be scheduled at the owners home or our Temporary Location in Nashville.

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Restoration Detail

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